What we do

The FESTMETER Wöls GmbH founded in 2016 and offers vitality analyses with regard to bark beetle detection in conifer forests. The used technology makes restrictions in vitality visible, changes in the water content of the needles can be seen, but not the exact cause, such as the bark beetle itself. Since, however, image series from at least two staggered flights are compared, other causes such as drought stress can be excluded and the bark beetle can be traced very closely.choose your nr rolex datejust 116203cdj mens 36mm champagne dial silver tone - find a store ¨c keep in touch.reddit rolex day date replica passed down the entire incredible neoclassical structure, but as well as to qualify for the present-day reasons.



The FESTMETER service is a tool designed to help prevent excessive damage in the forest. A 100% hit rate is impossible. The aim should be to be able to act faster and more purposefully in the field. Forest rangers are irreplaceable. Long-standing customers report positive hit rates of over 80% – we identify the majority of beetle infestations; based on the points reported, the forest rangers become active in the area (initial tree).


Started in 2016, we now offer our services in various European countries. Our main customers are statern forest organisations and big private forest operations. Data collection is organized over a network of well-selected local partners.

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